Tai Chi at CATA.

We offeer Tai Chi instruction because it is the best way to Inform your movement and take care of your tools before you practice.




Tai' Chi Instruction

1 hour time slots are for individual instruction in a group setting. There is some general instruction to the class as a whole and Thom also gets around to every person in every class to help them to the next level in their training. Each person hears differently and has different body needs to be dealt with individually as they learn. Obviously, classes are small, not over 8 people.




Thom Paul Lmt. will be teaching and leading the group.

Why do we practice Tai' Chi ?

Learn and incorporate the skills necessary to affect more by doing less, through the proper application of these time honored principles. Blend the hand techniques of martial arts to manipulate, distribute or penetrate.

The primary goal is to become increasingly more aware of the natural laws which govern change. Not just change in the body as it affects the physical, structural movement, but rather the principles of change and movement that govern every aspect and dimension of our everyday lives and everything in the world around us.

The principles of structure, balance, movement, grounding and force vector application, the foundation of Tai' Chi, have long been known as the fundamentals most sought after for massage practitioners worldwide. This is why we schedule our program the way we do. We believe Tai' Chi is a means of programming the body in ways that will prevent fatigue and injury to the therapist while also assuring the client receives the best treatment possible.

Not everyone truly realizes the importance of proper structure and the principles of movement and therefore rarely ever seek the specialized training from a highly qualified instructor.

Imagine feeling energized rather than fatigued at the end of doing massage all day.


Prerequisite: "Coming in through our door." Tai' Chi at CATA is open to anyone.

Tai' Chi is offered free of charge to anyone in the Thai Massage Program on the same day.


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