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Use these descriptions as a guide to choose the right session.


Intro 60

Fee: $135
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60 minutes goes by quickly but it is plenty of time for you to determine if we are a good fit for ongoing treatments. This 1-hour sequence is also a good option for "first timers"  who wish to satisfy their curiosity about the form of bodywork. If you are a small person and you do not have a specific problem area of the body that you wish to have addressed this might be the best choice for you every time. I always prefer to have a longer appointment whenever I get a Thai Massage, but the hardest part is getting in the door.


Basic 75

Fee: $168
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75 minutes is a good choice for customers who are small and in great shape. When I say, "In great shape" I DO NOT mean slim and slender. I mean, a body that is not ridden with stiffness or restriction of movement. Possibly, you were considering a 1 hour treatment but you happen to be a medium sized person.
Just 15 min. added to the shortest option makes a difference in a Thai Massage experience.



Therapeutic 90

Fee: $201
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If you have specific issues that you would like to have addressed by therapeutic massage during your session, 90 minutes is a good choice because this will give us enough time to complete a full body treatment AND give specific attention to your chief complaint.

In the past, 90 minutes was the typical duration for ThaiMassage-NYC studio visits. These days repeat customers are tending to book longer sessions.



Thorough 120

Fee: $267
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I used to call this option "The Whole Thing" but now I find that I can no longer complete everything inside of 120 minutes unless my client is quite small or already very well experienced with this kind of bodywork. Do your body a favor, give us the extra time we need to work out the trouble spots.



More Thorough 150

Fee: $333
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Two hours of Thai Massage actually goes by surprisingly fast. If you want to add on a half an hour just to make sure you don't miss the chance to go over things again from another angle then this option is the way to go.



3-hours 180

Fee: $396 product image

In Northern Thailand it is not uncommon to get 3 hours of massage. Not too many places on earth are further from Chiang Mai than NYC and the two could hardly be more different. But that does not mean that you won't want to find out how "far away" from NYC you can get inside of 180 min. without ever leaving the massage studio.



upgrades :


Thai Herbal Heat poltice
Fee: $45
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Description: The Thai Herbal Compress is a delightful addition to your session. Many customers experience the relaxation effects of the aroma filling the room before the treatment ever begins. The application of heat makes an intense treatment a bit more comfortable as well.



Therapeutic Ice Treatment
Fee: $25
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Description: We may want to employ the use of ice during a session when we are working very intensely to break down restriction that has been set in deeply over time. Ice can also be used to reduce the recovery time after hard workouts.



Contrast Bathing Treatment
Fee: $60
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Description: Transition from Heat to Ice and then back again is the most effective treatment to reduce inflammation. This positively effects the inflammation process, which is the body's primary mechanism for healing damaged tissue.




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Do your body a favor.
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