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Thai Massage for the feet

Thai Massage Clinic in Chelsea

The CLINIC was created in order to provide a forum for licensed massage therapists to become Certified in Thai Massage, but anyone with an interest in Thai Massage can get involved.

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Thai Massage Clinic


Frequently Asked Questions: ...take a look here if you are curious or if nobody picks up the phone.

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Thai Massage FAQs


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Conveniently located!

On 7th Avenue,

between Times Square and Central Park.

Many subways are within a couple of blocks.


Nestled in a quiet suite on the back of our building just down from Carnegie Hall.



What Our Clients Say!

Such a great, healing experience!

10/6/15 Devon F.

Gentle strength, keen perception, lovingkindness.

10/1/15 Heidi S.

Great treatment - very strong therapist.

6/18/15 James Grill

Reinhold is the man! Love him! :)

6/20/15 Penelope Armstead-williams

Reinhold got deep into my tight and sore muscles.

9/6/15 Craig S.

Very professional execution of Thai Massage techniques.

8/24/15 Serena M.

If I were in NYC every week/month I would see you every time!

10/15/15 Lisa S.

Reinhold is incredibly intuitive. He knows exactly what to do to fix the aches and pains I get.

6/19/15 Lisa G.

He performed very detailed work with each muscle. One of the most skilled practitioners in the business.

8/8/15 Abdoumaliq Simone

Reinhold is a Master Health practitioner & a very kind human being! I give him the highest recommendation!

8/20/15 Lee Musiker.

..he always finds a therapeutic approach to whatever I have going on that day, and I always leave feeling great!

9/16/15 Emily S.

I loved the massage and welcome the chance to recommend Reinhold to friends. I look forward to my next visit.

6/18/15 Barbara S.

Reinhold is amazing! I walk out of every session feeling infinitely better than when I walked in. I highly recommend him.

6/19/15 Melissa V.

I loved the massage techniques! Really friendly service. Great vocabulary of bodywork

...felt like I was back in Thailand.

6/21/15 Neeraj Tiwari

... the most helpful massage I've ever experienced. I live far from NYC, but will definitely be a customer whenever I am in the area.

9/22/15 Steven R.

The massage was wonderful and a true Thai massage by a professional. I felt great afterwards, mellow yet stretched out and flexible.

6/20/15 Carole L.

This is the real deal, not for the meek but worth putting yourself in the hands of someone who truly understands the techniques and beyond.

6/19/15 Aaron May

Was in New York City for a vacation and my body was really hurting. I get Thai Massage at home in California, and was thrilled to find Thai Massage -NYC. This massage was even better than those I get at home.

6/19/15 April Durrett

Before going in for the massage, I had been having terrible shoulder pain for over 4 years. My range of motion was limited. After only ONE session, my shoulder pain was gone and my range of motion was back in full effect. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!!!!

6/24/15 Marcial Garcia

I loved the service! The massage was unique for me and I would do it again. I placed all my trust in Eric and it was worth it. He has powerful but gentle techniques. When I left, I felt as though I was crackling with energy, and as calm as a pool of water. I will visit again, and you should too.

6/20/15 Christopher Beck
Thai Massage Twist

Flexible or not, you are sure to benefit.

I always prefer more lengthy appointments whenever I get a Thai Massage, but the hardest part is getting in the door.

Sessions begin with assessment of your condition. From there a protocol evolves. Everyone receives a unique treatment, tailored to your specific condition.

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Techniques from any modality may be integrated into the routine.

We have studied and practiced with the best healers, pain management specialists and movement artists to provide a comprehensive treatment, responding to your needs.

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Harness the power we all have within us for healing.  Unleash your inner potential.

By reducing the blockage along the pathways where our life force flows .

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Incredible Benefits

Save time, AND money, poking around those basement dives, never knowing who your going to get. 

  • Fully responsive to your individual condition.
  • Experienced therapist with a massage license and thousands of satisfied customers standing behind him.
  • Comprehensive assessment of your condition and possibly some tutorials to walk you through tricky stuff you can do on your own time for relief.
  • Add optional enhancements with our upgrades, such as Thai Herbal Compress and Ice therapy.
  • Use the studio provided on 7th Avenue, or order a housecall so that you may experience the relief without having to navigate the city after your treatment..

ThaiMassage-NYC: Beautiful Tradition, Amazing Results

Therapeutic bodywork in the context of Traditional Thai Massage,

After spending years,

refining and designing this practice, so that you have the best possible affect.  Not only will the look and feel of visitors change between the beginning and end of this session, you'll find the usability of the newly refreshed range of movement to be a stimulating force toward changing the state of mind.

What more do you need to know?


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